When it’s time to move, it’s easy to put on the rose-coloured glasses, and look at your new life with extreme optimism. I am all for a positive attitude, but when it comes to deciding on your new home and your new neighbourhood, a healthy dose of realism is required. This article will help ensure you’re taking everything into consideration. That way you can stay optimistic and not worry about regrets down the road. These are factors to consider when moving to a new neighbourhood.


If you’ve been considering a new home for a while, you’ve probably noticed that the price of homes varies across Norfolk County. Housing isn’t the only cost that fluctuates from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Grocery and hardware stores (even within the same chain) charge slightly differently from one part of town to the next. Gas stations, the cost of parking, and some services can also charge differently depending on the neighbourhood.



Statistics Canada shows that Norfolk County’s crime rate is 38% lower than the national average. This includes all violent and property related crimes. Facebook is getting even more local with dedicated neighbourhood groups. These groups are a great way to get a feel for your neighbours, and the concerns they share about the neighbourhood. This could include break-ins, community events, noise or traffic complaints.




Along with safety, schools are often a top priority for parents. It’s important to know how the schools are ranked and what they specialize in. The provincial government offers data and specific queries about elementary and high schools here. You can also find out how schools in your potential neighborhood rank here.


Sometimes it’s nice to know that certain amenities or stores are nearby, even within walking distance. These are a few common amenities that people often need to consider:

  • Parks within walking distance for your kids and dogs.
  • A community center that offers programs and activities.
  • A library.
  • A grocery or convenience store.
  • Public transportation.
  • Walk-in clinic, pharmacy or other medical services.



How are you going to get to work? If you drive, what kind of commute do you prefer? Find out if street parking is available in the neighbourhoods you’re looking at. If there is street parking, is it free or do you need a permit/pass. This is important for your own vehicles as well as visitors.



It’s ok to feel confused by all the factors to consider when moving to a new neighbourhood. That’s why it helps to work with an experienced realtor who knows the area, and is also known in the area. Gail Bouw is a Rotarian, a member of the Simcoe and District Real Estate Board, and the Simcoe Chamber of Commerce. This kind of history and notoriety in the community is very beneficial when helping a family choose their new neighbourhood.


Getting early access to information about available properties in your ideal neighbourhood is a big plus. As is learning the real market value of other properties in your location. My Buyers is a special service offered by Gail Bouw. With My Buyers, you can be the first to find potential acquisitions and leverage better selling prospects.